Groove Strategy Group is a strategy consulting firm focused on helping Corporates and Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies.

  • Our expertise is in helping companies grow their business profitably and our services include Strategy, Commercial Excellence, and Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • We serve a variety of B2B companies, with a particular focus on the Industrials sector.  Our clients include middle- and lower-middle market companies, and select publicly traded companies.
  • We are a trusted, hands-on team with deep experience in our service areas working with many B2B companies.  We have a strong track record of adding value to all of our clients.  We use a multi-disciplinary approach to our work, combining traditional strategy consulting methodologies with Data Science techniques to uncover opportunities and help our clients make the right decisions.

Our Mission

As for our name, the word “groove” has several meanings, but one is used in car racing. The “groove” is the unseen “line” that reflects the fastest way around a race track, which may change during a race.

The groove may depend on such factors as temperature, moisture, oil, water and rubber left on the track during a race – all of which impact race conditions to various degrees.

Over the years many clients have expressed that they often feel like they are constantly trying to get ahead in their own business race – figuring out the right strategy, adjusting to market and economic conditions, improving the performance of their commercial ‘engine’ and beating out their competitors to finish first.

Groove Strategy Group’s mission is clear: help our clients grow their business profitably and win their race.

Our Differentiation


Groove Strategy Group works with a variety of B2B companies, including many businesses in the Industrials sector:

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