Industrial and Commercial Services

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Client Situation

A private equity firm recently acquired an E-commerce retailer serving the employer market and was unsure of the best path for delivering continued growth.  The client needed help to dig into several promising opportunities and to prioritize which to pursue.

How We Helped

Collaborated with the client team to identify and characterize several growth opportunities to consider

Led a workshop to support the client’s initial prioritization effort which resulted in selecting 4 opportunities for in-depth evaluation

Supported in-depth evaluation by conducting bottoms-up market sizing and penetration analysis

Performed scenario analysis and modeling to home in on biggest revenue opportunities

Collaborated with the client team to develop a roadmap and detailed implementation plan to capture the growth opportunities


Client team successfully aligned on a go-forward value capture plan that gave it clarity on the path forward
Plan reflected prioritization of the best opportunities, which could help the business grow revenues at a double-digit rate over the next four years