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Client Situation

Client Situation:

A newly private equity acquired company that provides administrative services for healthcare wanted to significantly increase its stagnant growth

Team was asked to assess the sales model and develop a plan for improving the sales organization 


How We Helped

  • Conducted a sales model assessment and found that:
    • Sales efforts were not consistently targeting the market ‘sweet spot’ where the company had greatest likelihood of winning profitable business 
    • The company was under-powered in terms of ‘hunting’ and cross-selling capabilities 
    • Sales force management and compensation was not effectively positioned to drive significant growth
  • Defined/sized the “sweet spot” and devised plan to capture it
  • Developed sales incentive approach to motivate desired behaviors and higher levels of achievement


  • Following our recommendations, the company:
    • Upgraded sales talent with the right profile, skills, and incentive plan to succeed
    • Rolled out a Sales Playbook to ensure consistent, metric driven sales activity
    • Focused on the market “sweet spot” and not on low value leads
  • These changes resulted in the company increasing the pipeline by >30% and hitting their sales target for the first time in 2 years