Industrial Services

Service Lines:

Growth Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy, Pricing

Client Situation

A $500M provider of sanitation services to construction, industrial and event-related end markets need to reverse a deterioration in growth and an increase in customer churn

Despite being the market leader in its geography with ~40% market share, the company needed a new organic growth plan to expand beyond its current service offerings and geographies

How We Helped

Interviewed client personnel and surveyed customer-base and to uncover unmet needs of customers and identify possible levers for growth

Discovered additional, underserved, adjacent service line that would increase revenue per customer and enhance customer stickiness

Developed a Go-to-Market pilot and rollout approach to test the market appetite for the adjacent service line and mitigate execution and investment risk

Crafted an innovative bundled pricing structure to promote customer adoption of the new service line


New service line contributed $2.6M to revenue in twelve months following full  introduction across entire geographic area

Increased revenue growth with existing customers in pre-existing service lines bundled with new service line by 11%; 

Decreased customer churn in bundled service-lines by 14%